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February 16-18


Build higher quality big data apps

Fully Visualize your

Entire Data Pipeline

Driven automatically draws an easy-to-understand directed acyclic graph, or DAG, for each app, showing how it ingests, manipulates and outputs data.

Run big data apps more reliably

Pinpoint Bottlenecks

and Identify Causes

When Hadoop apps operate outside a given service-level agreement (SLA) or other operational constraints, Driven immediately helps you find out why.

Easily Detect Apps that

Violate SLA’S and Policies

Driven’s rich set of app performance metadata lets you gauge how each application performs over days, weeks, months and years.

Manage big data apps more effectively

See How All Apps Consume

Resources As They Run

Identify when problems result from resource constraints or a rogue app that hogs your cluster.

Integrate Alerts With

Popular Support Platforms

Send alerts to popular notification and support platforms to integrate Driven with existing processes.

Drop in the plugin and you’re up and running